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LRTcon - The Non-Profit Link Conference in Vienna by LinkResearchTools 

January 25 2019 - 9am to 6pm - English - 150 people max.

And a pre-event on January 24 - 4pm to 10pm - limited to 70 people max.

Early Bird Price Tickets at EUR 599

LRTcon Power Package - Strictly Limited - at EUR 1799

All profits from LRTcon 2019 go to charity; you are invited to donate more than the ticket price.

10 Day No Questions Asked "Do It Yourself One-Click Refund" Guarantee!


SEO is dead.
Links are dead.


And you know it.

LRTcon - The All Things Links™ Conference in Vienna by LinkResearchTools

The LRTcon SEO conference finally covers everything off-page and links you are missing on mainstream conferences.

Meet link experts from around the world in the most livable city in the world - Vienna. 

We show use cases for LRT of course, but it's not just about the tools - it's about

 Actually useful Networking
 SEO competitive analysis 
 How to sell (or buy) SEO, Links and Link Audits right
 Google Penalties and how to get rid of them
 Presentation by Ex-Googlers
 Link Hands-On instead of Bullet Points.
 Case Studies
 Site Clinics 
 Link Clinics
 Negative SEO Defense
 Evaluation of Link Sources 
 Link Buying and Selling
 Redirects and REL-Canonicals
 How to build and maintain PBNs
 Lifetime Access to the LRT Community



Confirmed Speaker: Kaspar Szymanski

Google Penalties from an EX-Googler perspective.

Includes extra-long Q&A session for you.

Kaspar worked in the Google Spam Team for seven 7 years, that should be sufficient expertise for this topic, right?

Kaspar Szymanski

Victor Karpenko

Confirmed Speaker: Victor Karpenko (SEOprofy)

How to get TOP 1-3 in high competitive niches with PBN's:

Tests, Results, Case Studies.

Victor is a very well known SEO in the Ukraine - kind of a big deal, except he doesn't call himself so, we do. Besides that he's a very smart and humble person.

Confirmed Speaker: Max Chepeliuk

Recovering from Negative and Winning Back 50k/visitors per month in highly competitive niche: Negative SEO Recovery Case Study & Strategies and Tactics You Need to Know About

Max is a digital marketer and entrepreneur operating in the highly competitive healthcare niches with 5M+ unique monthly visitors web properties. He will share his experience with negative SEO as well as strategies and tactics that might help you in securing and growing your online presence.

He recovered from a bad negative SEO attack right after an LRT Certified Professional Workshop in Vienna, and will tell his whole story.

Max Chepeliuk

Rick Lomas

Confirmed Speaker: Rick Lomas

The Google Penalty Buster

Rick has been dealing with Google's algorithm changes and penalties since the Google Florida Algorithm Update in 2003. Rick almost had his own business wiped out by Google Penguin 1.0 in 2012, which is when he learned how to overcome Google Penalties. He has gone on to save hundreds of businesses by fixing Google Manual Actions and Google Algorithmic Penalties.

Confirmed Speaker: Grant Simmons

Everything Just Huge

Grant is the VP of Search for - a website with 110 million pages and 900 million backlinks. As you can imagine that brings very unique challenges to everyone on the SEO team. Grant comes all the way from the USA to join us in Vienna and share what hardly anyone can share.


Time left to get tickets at the early bird price.









Event location address of LRTcon 

Donau-City-Straße 11, Vienna, Austria

Four great hotels in walking distance 



"You do a great job of reminding people about the importance of links.

And WE (Google) don't appreciate that."


Gary Illyes to Christoph. C. Cemper, Brighton Sep. 2017


LRTcon Ticket Prices

The price goes up the closer in time we get.

You can of course always buy a more expensive ticket and top it up with donations - it's for charity, after all!

*** SOLD OUT ***

Super Early Bird

€ 399

Sold out.

Ends Dec 1

Early Bird

€ 599


Take this and top it up? For charity?

Full Price

€ 999

Always available

We also do an exclusive networking event for the evening of January 24 2019 - get one of the limited tickets.

Which charity does LRTcon donate to?

All profits from LRTcon will be donated to  SOS Kinderdorf (SOS Children's Village). Because children are our future.

SOS Kinderdorf is an independent, non-governmental international development organization which has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children since 1949. It was founded by Hermann Gmeiner in Imst, Austria. More... 

Christoph C. Cemper and his companies have supported SOS Kinderdorf for 15 years now.


The amazing view from our conference location.

The location

Wolke19 is a premium event location with a stunning view. Check out their videos on their Facebook page.


Still have questions? These FAQs should help you.

The All Things Links Charity Conference in Vienna.

There's enough talk and tools about fixing your site, getting it to load fast, improving your content and install that SSL cert.

Mainstream conferences transformed into a big echo chamber for Google's propaganda.

SEO Software providers focus more and more on trying to replace great copywriters with software for poor writers.

"Who writes good, ranks good," they say. And many journalists, agency bosses and people in the conference business buy it.

Tons of "SEO Crawler" software products jumped on the train and even promised "linkless ranking" for highly competitive niches.

If you are still laughing about those "examples" and want to exchange with like-minded, then LRTcon is for you.

 Link Building is hard. It has always been.

Link Audit and Link Building on top of a clean profile even more.

However, YOU are NOT one of those trying to sweep them under the carpet to have your "corporate peace."

Real Link Minded People

Link Mindset

Action starts with the right mindset. If you’re a "content marketing guy" or a "technical SEO" fixing redirects all day, then this is not for you. We need you in the correct head-space from the start.

If you think "influencing the search results" happens only by fixing your website, or publishing this excellent masterpiece article that your team worked on for weeks, then this conference is not for you.

Hands On on the Link Lab

Link Hands-On instead of Bullet Points.

No high-flying jibber jabber. This conference focuses on examples, case studies, site clinics, link clinics and everything else we have been missing on the "big" conferences for years.

We'll look at stuff in LRT obviously - and we'll do the same with any other tool that you bring, have a license with or is licensed through us.

Networking for Links



Actually Useful Link Building Networking

All active LRT Certified Professional get a special invitation by Christoph C. Cemper,and this means you'll get with ~100 people that have gone through extensive 2-day training.

Or more.

We'll not exchange our Facebook accounts only. We exchange link lists, vendors, experiences, prices.

Bonus: Case studies

Relating is the best way to understand and get energized about making the change you really want. This conference comes with case studies of people who’ve managed to make massive change by following our training, using our tools, working without partners.

Bonus: Ex-Googlers in the room

We have confirmation that Ex-Googlers (also called "Xooglers") will be joining the conference to speak about penalties from "the inside of Google Spam team".

We're counting the time left until the LRTcon 2019 happens.

Are you? January 25, 2019, is the day.

Tickets strictly limited to 150.









The view from our location is awesome.

  • “LinkResearchTools has been an incredibly important tool at Geek Powered Studios since 2013. So much so, we’ve started making it a requirement, at around month 3-6, for employees to become certified. It’s incredibly useful for learning how to better use the tool and become a better digital-marketer / link builder! ”

    Director of SEO at Geek Powered Studios

  • “Always a pleasure to meet you and see you in action. I got tons of inputs for you my friend. Again. People are always contacting me after those trainings to ask about better ways to use the product in their own specific vertical. I just realized that upon completing the 2 days, people don’t really understand the real power of LRT.”

    The guy that came the third time to my workshop

  • “A huge part of SEO success is your backlink portfolio. Not only do you need to understand where your links are coming from, you need to be able to take action to manage those links. LinkResearchTools is an indispensable collection of powerful tools to do just that. I’m a long-time customer of LinkResearchTools and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about crushing it with links.”

    Growth & SEO at LinkedIn

  • “The service is great. Christoph, your passion is contagious. Your tools are the best in the industry.”

    Founder and CEO, Tobi

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Who should come to LRTcon?

  • Affiliates in all money niches.
  • Brands and Inhouse SEOs that look for real results.
  • Solo SEOs that want to get an edge over their mainstreamer friends.
  • all LRT Certified Professionals that want more knowledge, more networking, more exchange.
  • Everyone else who needs to get into Links, Redirects, Rel-Canonicals.
    beyond the "common rehashing of Google's PR team" by agencies these days.
  • Managers looking for highly experiences experts in SEO - all topics.
  • all LRT users that want to learn from other users.

Where will LRTcon take place?

It will take place in Vienna, Austria. This also happens to be the most livable city in the world, so worth a visits for sure.

When will LRTcon take place?

LRTcon 2019 takes place on January 25 2019.

Which language will LRTcon be in?

English only. Our audience is so international that they fly to Vienna from the US, UK, Australia, Ukraine and from all over Europe. 

What will an LRTcon ticket cost?

The price will depend mostly on the logistics part, and as you may know our stuff is not cheap and we don't serve cheap food either - never have.

Who will do the content or LRTcon?

The program will be a mix by Christoph C. Cemper, the team of LRT and selected Certified Professionals or users with their case studies.

And we will have an Ex-Googler - member of the Google Spam Team - speak as well, confirmed.


Who should NOT come to LRTcon?

  • people who think blindly following Google hygiene factors will get them better rankings
  • people who believe Google that Negative SEO does not exist
  • people who are still in the "Penguin Shock" from 2012 and missed the train in 2016 with Real Time Penguin
  • people who would rather wait than take action
  • people who prefer advice to clients that does nothing, or very little as opposed to a broad range of options

The program will be a mix by Christoph C. Cemper, hist team and selected Certified Professionals, Users with their case studies and Ex-Googlers.

What will I receive when I sign up above?

We'll send out a poll to gather more ideas, feedback, requests for speaking and much more.

We'll also mail you updates on event date, pricing, and much more. Marketing related if you want. You can always unsubscribe with a link in the email. 

What's your Privacy Policy

Can I speak at the LRTcon?

Yes, just sign up to the waiting list and let us know then.

I am not user of LinkResearchTools, can I still join?

You are very welcome to buy a ticket if you pass our background check.

What is the "Do It Yourself Refund Guarantee"

After purchase you can get a refund, no questions asked, just by clicking a button.

So you can just go book the conference and then sort out the logistics with your fiancé, 
your buddies, your airline and a hotel. 10 days should be plenty for that planning.

You can issue a refund to yourself with one click in the first 10 days after purchase.

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